Thanks Giving Weeks!

This year, due to the corona, we were not able to hold an anniversary event for each of our bars. However, in order to show our appreciation to our best patrons, we will be holding a “Thanksgiving Day” at each of our stores every week!

The first event will be “Tex-Mex Night” at the Ginza 300BAR 5-CHOME from November 9 to 15, 2020. During this period, five original cocktails designed by the staff will be served along with Texas and Mexican-inspired food. Also, our female staff will greet you as tequila girls in cowgirl-inspired costumes to celebrate our 28th anniversary!

The second part will be held at Ginza 300BAR NEXT (November 16 to 22)
and the third part will be held at Ginza 300BAR 8-CHOME (Novemer 23 to 29).

This year, the Ginza 300BAR 5-CHOME celebrates its 28th anniversary! We would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have been able to keep us in business for so long. Together, let’s celebrate our 28th anniversary from November 9th to 15th!
This year’s theme is “Tex-Mex Night,” as Texas is the “28th” state in the United States.

◆ Thanksgiving limited original cocktails

5 original cocktails created by the staff of the Ginza 300BAR 5-CHOME

#1 CERVANTINO is a Mexican art festival. It’s an artistic drink inspired by the colorful streets of Guanajuato, the host city of the festival.

#2 JACARANDA is a cocktail inspired by the blue-purple flowers that bloom in Mexico, like the cherry blossoms.
It was actually the Japanese who brought this flower to Mexico and popularized it.

#3 BLUE TORERO is a fruity drink made with pineapple jam. It looks gorgeous, so it’s a great Instagrammable cocktail! Enjoy.

#4 CIDRITA “cidra”, meaning yuzu in Spanish, a refreshing drink.

#5 GRAND CENOTE, inspired by the mysterious lakes of Mexico. Tequila and amaretto blend harmoniously in this comfortable shot cocktail.

 Thanksgiving limited original food

The staff at the 5-CHOME invented an original food item.
“Pork Fajitas”

Fajitas are a Tex-Mex dish. Pork is seasoned with spicy pork with onions and paprika. Please enjoy it on top of corn tortillas.

On the day of the Thanksgiving, our female staff will greet you as tequila girls, dressed in cowgirl-inspired costumes. Please come and enjoy their “hot” tequila shots!

We also encourage our patrons to join us in wearing Western and Cowboy/girl inspired costumes and accessories, and let’s celebrate our 28th anniversary together!