※ The variety changes depending on the season.

Mojito Collection Japan's first Mojito certified by the Cuban Embassy. The mint leaves of Tohoku Ranch are thick and wild with a strong aroma.

Garden Mojito

MOJITO, the most popular and No.1 in Japan, certified by the Embassy of Cuba, the first in Japan】


Apple Mojito

Apple and mint match and the aftertaste is refreshing.


Coffee mojito

It has a refreshing aftertaste with a hint of mint and cinnamon.


0.00% Mojito

You can enjoy 300BAR's MOJITO, the only one in Japan certified by the Cuban Embassy, in a non-alcoholic form.


Mint julep

This American-born cocktail takes advantage of the refreshing flavor of mint.


Sangria mojito

Sangria with sweetness of fruit and cinnamon is made MOJITO with mint.



JIN7 Cocktail Collection 2023 * JIN7 is an original organic craft gin made in collaboration with a shochu brewery.

Harvest gin and tonic

The one and only gin and tonic made with mint, oregano and bearberry craft gin.


JIN7 Coke

JIN7, Kraft cola syrup, soda


Japanese Sidecar

JIN7, Brandy, Lemon, Mugwort syrup


Wild Mojito

JIN7, Oxalis, Caribbean, soda


Japanese pina colada

JIN7, Malibu, Milk, Pineapple, Caribbean


God farmer

JIN7, Amaretto


Farm to Love

JIN7, Lime J, Framboise, Caribbean


Farm to Back

JIN7, lemon j, ginger syrup


Harvest Blue

JIN7 , Lychee, B Cura



Original Persimmon Menu / Drinks

purge grey tea


persimmon and plum salty


Persimmon jam sangria



Drinks made with vegetables, wild plants, and herbs from Tohoku Ranch

Farm Original Craft Cola

300BAR's original craft cola, a marriage of wildflowers and cola, made with Hakobe! (non-alcoholic)


Wormwood wild herb tea latte

It is said to be good for fighting anemia.



Vegetables from Tohoku Ranch

Seasonal Ranch Salad

Enjoy plenty of fresh seasonal vegetables.


Assorted pickles

Assorted pickles with Tohoku Ranch's original recipe


Ranch Salad Chicken

Salad chicken that goes over the top of the apex by gaining the benefits of wild herbs.


Ranch Basil Margherita

Enjoy the dual flavors of genoa sauce and fresh basil!


Original Persimmon Menu / Food

Persimmon and cheese pizza


Bone-in Roast Pork and Persimmon Mustard


persimmon nacotta