Halloween party!

All 300BARs will be decorated for the theme of “Halloween & Day of the Dead”!

For a limited time only, we’ll be serving up Halloween cocktails and food!

♥♡ Halloween Special Menu Information (From October 23 to Oct. 31) ♥♡

■ Halloween Special Cocktails

☆ Magical Halloween
Sweet pumpkin liqueur with a touch of ginger. Taste the freshness of ginger & the sweetness of pumpkin.

☆ V-BLOOD ~ Vampires
A refreshing orange fruit cocktail. You can adjust the amount of syrup as you like and enjoy it as sweet as you like.

■ Halloween Special Food

☆ Bloody Pumpkin Hamburg Steak 

300BAR’s hamburg steak is back for Halloween! Try the harmony of pumpkin sauce and tomato sauce.

☆ Halloween Penne Gratin

A special penne gratin with a mix of Tohoku Bokujo Farm’s Nagachan squash and white sauce, available only at 300BAR!

We also offer Gelato made from “Nagachan squash” grown in a completely chemical-free environment at our group’s direct-managed “Tohoku Bokujo Farm”.

The Gelato is full of nutrients and has a gentle taste, so be sure to give it a try♡