Press Release


Presenting the 300BAR Mojito Collection 2018!

Introducing 17 new Mojito varieties for everyone to try at our 300BARs in Ginza!

Known for our great Mojitos at 300BAR, we do our best to bring something fresh to the menu. You’ll find no other mojito in Tokyo fresher than ours!

To add to our classic Mojito, we are introducing 17 new drinks for everyone to enjoy at all of our bars!

  1. The Garden Mojito
  2. Cuban Mojito
  3. Brazilian Mojito
  4. Canadian Mojito
  5. Old Fashioned Mojito
  6. Mojito Hopper
  7. Mango Mojito
  8. Blueberry Mojito
  9. Cranberry Mojito
  10. Orange Mojito
  11. Acai Mojito
  12. Ruby Mojito
  13. Mojito Lemonade
  14. South Bronx Mojito
  15. Virgin Mojito
  16. Skinny Mojito
  17. Draque

All items in our Mojito Collection 2018 are only 300 yen (+ Tax), so you can enjoy finding your favorites from the list without breaking the bank!

Mojito Collection 2018 English

Let us know which ones are your favorites by tagging us with the hashtag #300BAR on social media!

Mojito Collection 2018 English