From 22nd of October ~ 4th of November, Ginza 300BAR is celebrating Halloween and the Day of the Dead!

The 300BAR staff will greet you in Mexican calavera (sugar skull) makeup and we encourage everyone to come in their best Halloween costumes! The “Halloween Salad (with Pumpkin Sauce)” and “Pumpkin Gratin” will also be added to our menu during this event to compliment our delicious cocktails. “Corona Extra” and premium Mexican beer “Negra Modelo” will also be available for only 300 yen (+tax) per bottle.


While sipping on our premium Mexican “Don Julio” tequila cocktails, customers at 300BAR may spot our “La Catrina” promotion girl during the evening of Nov 1st. She will be stopping by all three bars during her walk around the Ginza and Shimbashi area. Those who order a “Don Julio” cocktail during her visit will also receive a special Halloween treat together with their drink.

The “La Catrina” is an icon of the “Day of the Dead” festival in Mexico. Her image is used as a representation of death for Latin American countries, and with comic effect for the way she dresses. While she’s dressed in lavish European-styled clothes, her bones are still Mexican, which symbolizes the Europeanization of Latin America at her creation. These clothes also represent the class struggle within the countries. You can see this on full display with the “La Catrina” promotion girl at any of the 300BARs on the evening of November 1st as she haunts the Ginza and Shimbashi area.

While Halloween is rapidly growing in popularity with the youth in Japan, the “Day of the Dead” (in Spanish: Día de Muertos) celebrations aren’t as well known outside of the Americas thanks to the migration of Mexican families to North and South America. Widely celebrated in Mexico on November 2nd, the “Day of the Dead” lets families remembers ancestors past. This very traditional festival is celebrated on the day after the Catholic holiday “All Saints Day” on November 1st, which holds a similar belief that those dead are still connected to the living through bonds.



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