Press Release


300BAR 5-Chome Renewal and New Website!

Ginza 300BAR reaches it’s 27th Anniversary with a shop and website Renewal!

Opening it’s doors in Ginza back in 1992, Ginza 300BAR is one of the oldest standing bars in Japan! Since our opening, all items on our menu are ¥300! Everyone’s favorite bar has a new look!

One of the oldest standing bars in Japan has been renewed: “Ginza 300BAR”! Celebrating 27 years of welcoming local customers, salary workers, tourists, expats, and shoppers in Ginza. Last year the Cuban Republic Embassy awarded us the “Certificate of Mojito” which has increased overseas customers with our fresh mojitos! To celebrate this milestone, we have renewed our Website and remodeled our 5-Chome 300BAR. Ginza 300BAR will continue to step forward to great things in 2018 and beyond!

300BAR Renewal - English

300BAR Renewal – English.pdf