3/19~25 古き良き日本を楽しむ 第6回『夜酔い』を開催!


300BAR presents “Yayoi Nights!”
From March 19th to March 25th, our bars will be decorated with beautiful cherry blossoms while we celebrate all week long! Limited time Sakura themed drinks will be available all week! On March 24th and 25th, we will go all out with a special WA-infused music, snacks, lighting, and more. Yayoi Nights! will be held at all of our 300BAR locations (300BAR 5Chome, 300BAR 8Chome, and 300BAR NEXT), so bring your friends and enjoy taking pictures with a beautiful backdrop.

古き良き日本を楽しむ 第6回『夜酔い』 – Learn more by clicking the link below